Tumor Printer!

Custom 3D Printed Kidneys Help Surgeons Remove Tumors

Removing a tumor from an organ can be a challenge when it's located in a hard to reach spot surrounded by fragile tissue, such as in the retroperitoneal space. Surgeons typically review CT scans prior to the operation, planning what approach they'll take in their minds. Now researchers at Kobe University in Japan are offering surgeons 3D-printed recreations of their patients' own kidneys, including the tumor and surrounding vasculature, to analyze and practice on.

The team uses pre-op CT scans to create 3D models of the kidneys, which are then transferred to the printer. The kidney is then printed out of two different materials so that the tumor and vasculature stand out from the rest of the organ. This allows the surgeons to initially see the tumor and vessels that will be much harder to spot during actual surgery.

Here's video of a printed kidney being worked on using a da Vinci surgical robot:

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Geared Wings

Joyce Lin:

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Teen survives California to Hawaii flight in wheel well

This happens often enough that they should probably leave some blankets in the wheel wells.

The boy, who is from Santa Clara, Calif., says he went to the airport following an argument with his family. It was originally reported the boy is 16; ABC News confirmed the boy is 15.

Many skeptics were questioning whether the incident was even possible. The FBI says there is security footage from the Mineta San Jose International Airport that verified the boy hopped over fence, walked toward Hawaiian Airlines Flight 45, and crawled into the wheel well Sunday morning.

The boy allegedly told investigators he lost consciousness when the plane took off. He then allegedly rode in the tiny cramped compartment for five hours.

After the plane landed in Maui, he regained consciousness and emerged to a dumbfounded ground crew virtually unharmed.

"You're talking about altitudes that are well above the altitude of Mount Everest and temperatures that can reach 40 degrees below zero," said aviation analyst Peter Forman. "A lot of people would only have useful consciousness for a minute or two up at that altitude. For somebody to survive multiple hours with that lack of oxygen and that cold is just miraculous. I've never heard of anything like that before."

Maui Airport says it has video of him crawling out of the left main gear area.


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Fucking Apple.

How did they manage to make the new Lightning connector even flakier and less reliable than the 30-pin?? These cables are bullshit.
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Possibly our finest drink special ever:

Blood and Body of Christ. Sangria with a Communion wafer.

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New Batman and Batman Beyond shorts!

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Bigwheel 14

Bring Your Own Bigwheel 14

Goofball events like Bring Your Own Bigwheel are what made me fall in love with San Francisco in the first place. This is old-school San Francisco weirdness, and the fact that things like this still periodically happen here is one of the major factors that still makes it worth putting up with all the ways in which this city has gotten worse over the last few years. This event is just so hilarious, stupid, and a little dangerous. My face hurts from smiling so much!

I've gone to this every year for the last 8 years or so, and I think that in only two or three of those years have I managed to convince any of my friends to come along.

All of my friends hate fun, you see.

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2D Rubens' Tube

The good stuff is at 3:38.
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