Columbus thought the Earth was shaped like a boob.

And the Garden of Eden was at the top of the nipple.

I have always read, that the world comprising the land and the water was spherical, and the recorded experiences of Ptolemy and all others, have proved this by the eclipses of the moon, and other observations made from east to west, as well as by the elevation of the pole from north to south. But as I have already described, I have now seen so much irregularity, that I have come to another conclusion respecting the earth, namely, that it is not round as they describe, but of the form of a pear, which is very round except where the stalk grows, at which part it is most prominent; or like a round ball, upon one part of which is a prominence like a woman's nipple, this protrusion being the highest and nearest the sky, situated under the equinoctial line, and at the eastern extremity of this sea -- I call that the eastern extremity, where the land and the islands end.

Ptolemy and the other philosophers, who have written upon the globe, thought that it was spherical, believing that this hemisphere was round as well as that in which they themselves dwelt, the centre of which was in the island of Arin, which is under the equinoctial line between the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Persia; and the circle passes over Cape St. Vincent, in Portugal, westward, and eastward, by Cangara and the Seras, in which hemisphere I make no difficulty as to its being a perfect sphere as they describe; but this western half of the world, I maintain, is like the half of a very round pear, having a raised projection for the stalk, as I have already described, or like a woman's nipple on a round ball.

Ptolemy and the others who have written upon the globe, had no information respecting this part of the world, which was then unexplored; they only established their arguments with respect to their own hemisphere, which, as I have already said, is half of a perfect sphere. [...]

On these grounds, therefore, I affirm, that the globe is not spherical, but that there is the difference in its form which I have described; the which is to be found in this hemisphere, at the point where the Indies meet the ocean, the extremity of the hemisphere being below the equinoctial line. And a great confirmation of this is, that when our Lord made the sun, the first light appeared in the first point of the east, where the most elevated point of the globe is; and although it was the opinion of Aristotle, that the antarctic pole, or the land under it, was the highest part of the world, and the nearest to the heavens, other philosophers oppose him, and say, that the highest part was below the arctic pole, by which reasoning it appears, that they understood, that one part of the world must be loftier, and nearer the sky, than the other; but it never struck them that it might be under the equinoctial, in the way that I have said, which is not to be wondered at, because they had no certain knowledge respecting this hemisphere, but merely vague suppositions, for no one has ever gone or been sent to investigate the matter, until now that your Highnesses have sent me to explore both the sea and the land.

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Time to uninstall the Twitter app

Twitter Is Tracking Users' Installed Apps for Ad Targeting

The company informed users of the change today via a notice that appeared in its iOS and Google Android apps. By default, the tracking is switched on, but users can choose to opt out of having the information collected. [...]

Twitter said it only collects and updates the list of apps users have installed, but that it does not collect data from within apps themselves.

"...but only because we haven't figured out how to do that," they did not add.

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"Brands brands brands Facebook brands brands brands." Now I remember why I stopped eating at this cafe. What an awesome time to discover that this morning, iTunes decided to delete all the music from my phone.
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Fucking iTunes.

What year is it that this kind of dialog is considered even remotely acceptable? Are they actually joking?

And has there ever been a time when quitting iTunes didn't immediately re-launch it?

Also, I see that it's time for everybody to log into Twitter again and un-check some checkboxes, since every four months they opt you in to some newly-invented category of email spam that they're sure you want to see. There are like five new checkboxes since the last time I unchecked everything. My schadenfreude is getting impatient, isn't it time for their stock to crater already?

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You stay klassy, Youtube

Youtube nukes 7 hours' worth of science symposium audio due to background music during lunch break

We live-streamed our second annual Canadian conference of Citizens' Climate Lobby, a day of speeches, with a very interesting panel discussion. Unfortunately, YouTube has muted the entire seven-hour recording because our DJ played music during our lunch break, and YouTube alleges this to be a copyright violation.

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"Stopped vampires from pinning their crimes on babies and children."


  • Tagged Mystery Meat as candy.
  • The Apothecary's jaw is no longer detached from his face.
  • You can now skin humans
  • colonists no longer walk really, really far to butcher things
  • Stopped zombies from interrupting your sleep to ask if they can help you with something
  • Enchiladas have been completely retooled to be more user friendly and faster to prepare
  • stopped vampires from pinning their crimes on babies and children
  • Turkeys no longer bounce when they contact water
  • All byzantine emperors will now have clothes regardless of what DLCs are enabled.
  • eldritch transformation cannot be interrupted
  • Lowered McFly's float rate and fixed references to missing Heather.
  • Players can no longer suicide when in a Bumper Car
  • Farmer's mouths no longer stretch.
  • issue with Ghosts possessing Grills, that would cause them to open the grill, examine the contents, close the grill, and then jump in
  • Wearing Speedos with certain coats no longer causes legs to disappear.
  • Spitter's "Acid Spray" now originates from the mouth.
  • You can no longer eat your own belt by right-clicking it.
  • Corpses and graves can no longer be used as storage
  • Provost should no longer hate you in California if he hated you in Arizona.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause filth stacks to be applied to players who are no longer standing in filth.
  • Killbots bleed.
  • Extra Feet now makes you walk normal on all surfaces.
  • Critically failing Animal Whisperer on Satan works now.
  • Jimmy the Chisel once again has a jaw.
  • Turtles can now be killed by repeatedly hitting shell (although hitting them in head is much quicker)
  • Danzig now exists as a core from the start
  • Pickup invisible kidney in bathroom bug
  • Tantruming dwarves perform dozens of fistfights/throws in a second

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Full Frontal Fourier Transform

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Doxxing defense

Remove your personal info from data brokers

More bad news: There are hundreds of data brokers, not all of which offer opt-out processes. Removing yourself from all those that do can be a Sisyphean task, but managing your data with just the following 11 can be accomplished in an hour or two. [...]

Opt out of the following services, and you'll have "gotten all of the big ones," says Stephens -- but pay attention to the caveat at the end of this story.

This is a gigantic pain in the ass, but probably worth the time.


Update: Here's another list.

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Ffo art

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Shit People Say to Bartenders

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