Great news for schizophrenics!

Strangers on the Internet Are Listening to People's Phone Voice Commands

I signed up for CrowdFlower myself and tracked down the post enlisting workers to analyze the voice-to-text examples, for one cent per 10 voice recordings they analyzed. [...]

"Consumers have a certain expectation about what's happening when they interact with a company. People don't like it when they think they're talking to a computer and they're not or vice versa," Soghoian told me.

And as one of the people who did listen to these recordings, I can understand why. There was no personal information or any way to identify the voices in the brief, one-to-five-second snippets. But there's something about hearing a total stranger say "love you. Send." that feels transgressive.

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DNA Lounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein we have the world's most awesome laptop stickers back in stock!

jwz mixtape 149

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 149.

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Is there a version of Text::Diff::HTML that actually works?

Text::Diff often goes into a busy-loop when diffing files that have only a few lines of changes. How's that even possible? Why, it's because instead of running and parsing diff, they reimplemented diff themselves in Perl. Because reasons. Seriously, look at Algorithm::Diff -- it reads like it was literally someone's homework assignment.

I just want to take two text files and get side-by-side HTML/colored output of the differences. Is there something simple that works, or do I have Two Problems?

Update: Because you have all failed me, I wrote this.

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Sterling Archer Draper Pryce

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The Flash is terrible

Ok, The Flash is terrible, it's stupid, it's poorly written and I have no sympathy for any of the characters, BUT, the stupidest possible thing about it is that we're to believe that these three pinheads -- who barely seem like they could manage to get their algebra homework turned in on time -- are somehow managing to run a solitary-confinement supermax prison all on their own in the basement of their office building.

Even aside from the fact that that's so creepy and torture-y that even Batman would probably say, "Dude, that's pretty fucked up right there," how are we to believe that they're pulling this off?

Who is feeding those people? Who is emptying the shit-buckets? (Because I'm pretty sure the conveniently prison-like cells inside their magic "particle accelerator" don't have toilets.)

One of their prisoners turns into poison gas. What does the... uh... precipitate... of that even look like?

God I hate this show.

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Another hard day at the orifice

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Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

SodaStream. 40 pound CO2 tank.

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This battle station is now fully operational.

Scores of Birds Killed During Test of Nevada Solar Death Ray

On January 14, during tests of the 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project near Tonopah, Nevada, biologists observed 130 birds entering an area of concentrated solar energy and catching fire.

The test started at 9:00 a.m. on January 14. By 10:30, biologists working on the site began noticing what have become known as "streamers," trails of smoke and water vapor caused by birds entering the field of concentrated solar energy (a.k.a. "solar flux") and igniting.

[...] at least one of the birds injured was a common raven, which -- in the words of our source -- "turned white hot and vaporized completely." Asked to confirm that report, the BLM's Evenson said that his office didn't have a list of the species affected, but added that "that's what streamers are."

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